Summer Dresses & Snapchat Fun

Hello and Happy Friday! Thank goodness this is the start of a three day weekend. If I can get all my work done, I am off at noon. Today I am sharing some of my summer dresses and Snapchat fun with you.

Summer Dresses

For someone who used to have ZERO dresses, I have quite a few summer dresses in my closet. In order to show them all some love, I am going to start wearing them on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tuesday I went patriotic. My light denim dress (last year Old navy) with stars, a red shrug, and some new red, white, and blue jewelry from Charming Charlies.


Thursday we met with a potential client, so I wore my new black dress (this year Old Navy) with nice jewelry and my dressier sandals. I had a pink cardigan in the car but wound up not wearing it – was just too hot and the office we visited had NO air conditioning.


Snapchat Fun

I know not everyone is on Snapchat, so I thought I would share some of my photos from the week.

Just relaxing in the evening watching some TV and reading on my iPad. I have taken this week off exercising to let my foot rest. I have a possible stress fracture and tendonitis.


Did not sleep well at all Tuesday night and woke up SUPER early on Wednesday. Luckily Wednesday wound up being one of my most productive days.


Always love my gorgeous view from the front porch!


Wednesday morning breakfast? All the fruit!!!!


Sat outside and just enjoyed the weather and the view before starting my day.


Love this filter!


Some new office supplies!


Loving the 90 Day Year with Todd Herman. So thankful my office was able to let me do this.


Happy Thursday!




Gotta love my new orange wall at work!


Since Thursday was the last day of June and the year was half over, my office went out to lunch to celebrate having a good 1st half. Start with lobster bisque – it is their signature soup.


Followed up with a crab cake and sweet potato fries. Some random dude on Snapchat messaged me and told me I shouldn’t eat so much food in high calories. What did I do? Blocked him. Never comment on other people’s food unless you are commenting on how good it looks. You never know what their “diet/lifestyle” is and why they are eating it. And it is truly none of anyone’s business.


Focus webinar with Nicole Culver in the afternoon.


All the pens! A rainbow of colors plus extra purple!


And up early again this morning!


Plans for the long weekend include rest, some blogging, some chores, a 5K for hubby, maybe some lake time, and a surprise!

What has the highlight of your week been? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Cheers! Happy Friday! Have a fabulous long weekend!


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