Is Your Social Media Traffic High Quality?

The other day I asked “Is your social media traffic high quality? Do you know? Do you know how to find out?” in my private Facebook group (click the link to join). Many of us spend hours on and in social media thinking it is helping our blog/website. However, do you REALLY know if it is working? I want to share with you how to tell if your social media traffic is high quality.

is your social media traffic high quality

What Makes Social Media Traffic High Quality

  • a significant portion of your traffic from that platform
  • multiple pages viewed per sessions
  • over 1 or 2 minutes on site
  • lower bounce rate than your average

Watch this video to find out where in Google Analytics to find your social media traffic:

Typically I tell people to concentrate on their two social media platforms that bring in the highest quality traffic. That doesn’t mean top stop the other social media networks (especially if you enjoy it), but understanding what brings you quality traffic and the most clients is key.

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I would love to know what questions you have or other metrics in analytics you would love to figure out!


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