Thanks for Listening to the Blissful Bites Podcast!

Thank you for listening to me on Nicole Culver’s Blissful Bites Podcast. Here are two items especially for you.

SEO Checklist & Access to Private Facebook Group: FREE 

Confused about how to optimize blog posts for search engines? Download my FREE 9 Step SEO Checklist for Bloggers. This checklist is a step-by-step optimization guide – from researching your keyword to promoting your post. Also receive access to my FREE private Facebook group where we talk about SEO, analytics and more. Just enter your email below, and you will receive the link to download the guide and join the Facebook group.

45 Minute SEO Consult Call: $75 

A 45 minute 1:1 call with me to discuss how to improve your SEO, increase rankings and traffic. If you choose this option, you will get:

  • Your site reviewed ahead of time and receive a checklist of items you can quickly implement on your own to improve overall rankings.
  • Answers to any specific questions you have (in general or about a specific post(s)).
  • Your analytics reviewed and specific advice based on your data.

Please note that I can only take on a certain amount of clients per week (appointments are made in the order you sign up).

Connect With Me!

I would love to hear from you. Connect with me on any of the platforms below. I would especially love to hear what questions about SEO and analytics you have.

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