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Mini Review of Kabuki Fusion Sushi & Grill

Ever since Stir Fry left Turkey Creek, we don’t eat sushi as often. Last night I went on a hunt to find sushi (to-go) that was in Turkey Creek (where I do most all my shopping) and reasonably priced. I put the following question out on Twitter: A couple of responses mentioned Kabuki Fusion Sushi

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A Few of the Blogs I Love to Read

So, first things first, did you catch Survivor last night? Hard to believe the finale is Sunday and they still have 8 people in the game. This is really Boston Rob’s game at the moment. Go, Rob, Go. Really hoping he wins this time. Another fantastic day at work. Only on Day 4 and I

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Writing every day for a month?

Okay, starting to wonder how I will find things to post every day. Just not sure what to say. So, I will start with dinner last night. Hubby and I went to a local restaurant called Cru Bistro and Wine Bar. Their concept is small plates so you can have multiple and share. Being only

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Started My New Job Today!

I feel like I have been waiting on this day forever. In essence, I have been waiting since December 4th, 2009. That was my last day of work at Edfinancial Services. Due to the changes in student loans, they were laying people off and I was one of them. After a couple of months just

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Happy Mother’s Day!

First, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! Here is a picture of my mother and myself (unfortunately we were looking at difference cameras): We started a tradition about 10 years ago of doing a crab & shrimp boil for our moms on Mother’s Day. What’s in it: Crab Shrimp Corn Sausage Lemons

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