February 2017 Fun in Photos

HELLO!  I cannot believe March is already here.  February FLEW by!  Anyways, I thought we could catch up in photos!


There were quite a few yummy adult beverages throughout the month….

As well as my favorite Iced Chai from Starbucks…..

Knoxville got a new donut place….

We actually had to wait over 20 minutes just to order.  While we were waiting, check out these fabulous boots I saw.  I so want a pair of these.

These were the two I ordered.  The chocolate with the sprinkles was AMAZING!


There were a few trips to Sephora (both buying and returning)

I got in some target practice….

Not bad for not having shot in a while.


One of my favorite parts of Snapchat is the filters.  This one is perfect if you aren’t wearing makeup!

The butterfly is one of my all time favorites but they keep taking it away.

New filter this month.  Love how dark it makes my hair.

Bubbles were new and much more fun in video!

Princess was new!  I thought it went great with my shirt.

And finally, the puppy dog!


Aunt Ashley and Auntie G hanging with the munchkin.

Ashley brought this cookie cake to dinner one night to celebrate mine and my hubby’s 20th wedding anniversary.

Our anniversary is actually on Valentine’s Day and I got these beautiful roses at work.

We booked a girl’s cruise!  It’s not til December, but it is booked and we are EXCITED!

Still practicing shooting only in manual with my camera.  This was one of my favorite photos of the month.

Saw this rainbow one evening while we were out.

The weather has been unseasonably warm here in Knoxville.  There were actually a few days when I spent time in the hammock.

Workouts are going well.  Be sure to check out what I have to say about my new trainer over on Your Path To Fit.  I set a lot of PRs this month including 513 pounds on the leg press.

We are downsizing our office and this was our crew on moving day!


We had a GNO this month.  Love these ladies!  We are four of the six going on the cruise.

Check out this hamburger – bacon, cheese, and egg.  YUM!

And a mule to drink.  I have gotten to where I enjoy a good mule over a margarita.


It has been so hard deciding what to wear this month with the weather shifting almost daily.  We have had multiple weeks where there was a 30 degree difference.  This denim dress has seen a lot of wear.

When I am not at work, I am living in one of three hoodies.

Plaid.  Plaid seems to be my go to.

If not in plaid, then I am wearing black.

What was the highlight of your February?


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