D.C. By The #s, Bucket List Items, & Things I Learned

Hello! I got back yesterday from DC and am planning a post to show you some of my favorite photos. I thought in the meantime I would share some “stats” from the trip, some of my bucket list D.C. items, and things I learned while traveling.

D.C. by the numbers:

  • Total hours in DC: 62
  • Number of Uber trips: 9
  • Total $ spent on Uber: $74.61
  • Number of times at Starbucks: 6
  • Miles walked: 19.65
  • Taxis taken: 2
  • Massages had: 1
  • Number of photos taken: 630
  • Number of outfit changes: 8
  • Number of people who stopped and asked ME for directions: 2
  • Number of times I wasn’t sure exactly where I was: countless

D.C. Bucket List Items Accomplished:

  • Went to the Zoo
  • Worked From a Starbucks
  • Took An Uber
  • Took a photo of the Whitehouse
  • Visit some monuments

Things I learned from my time in D.C.:

  • There is nothing like southern hospitality.
  • People watching is more fun in a large city.
  • Walking around D.C. in the summer is HOT.
  • A smile goes a long way.
  • Ubers are fun.
  • I could not live in D.C. I have no sense of direction and cannot parallel park.
  • All zoos and musuems should be free.
  • Starbucks in Knoxville is the best one ever.
  • I must look either like I know something (or just look friendly) because people would stop and ask me for directions, etc.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to wear sneakers and a LBD because you walk a lot as long as you have shoes in your tote.
  • Advantqages of big cities are things are open late. I booked an 8:30 massage at 7:50 pm.
  • Pack a lot for a summer trip. You will have to change clothes often.
  • You apparently can’t catch an Uber just anywhere – you have to be in one of the pin spots.
  • You need to use the crosswalks in D.C.
  • Not all intersections have crosswalks.
  • The time on the counter is a challenge. 30 seconds can seem really quick when you have to cross a busy road, not so much if you are doing crunches or pushups.
  • Knoxville has more and better lunch places and they aren’t crammed full of people.
  • You don’t need to travel to somewhere for days or weeks to have fun. Even mini vacations rock!
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