5-4-3-2-1 Weekend!

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Good morning and Happy Friday! Ready for the weekend? I went and test drove a car last night. Can I just say that the thought of getting a new car is great – new car smell, new features, etc. HOWEVER, the process of getting a new car is just tedious and boring for me. I guess I don’t love cars enough to love this process. Dealing with the salespeople, deciding exactly what features I want, then negotiating price? UGH!

Looks like I will be getting my car back from the shop today and turning in the rental car. WOOHOO!!! I miss my car. Huge shout out to Budget Rent a Car for being so easy to work with.

Let’s countdown to the weekend.

5 Posts from Around the Blogosphere this Week

Simply Cheesy Salsa by Julie – Does this not look super easy? I definitely want to try this. I love Laughing Cow cheese wedges.

Fitness & Weight Loss by Heather – I love the 5 focuses that Heather has for the week. I may have to implement this each week.

Motivation Monday: Just Do It by Rachel – This one is kind of fun. Get off Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and WORK OUT!

Commitment and Recommitment by Blake – Even when you commit yourself to something, there comes a time when you need to RECOMMIT.

To Keep A Food Journal or Not To Keep A Food Journal? That Is The Question. by Jonelle – This is definitely something I struggle with. Currently I am logging all of my food in MyFitnessPal.

4 Pictures From This Week

First Photo in HDR
First Photo in HDR
Chocolate Covered Oreos
Chocolate Covered Oreos
Knoxville Sunset
Knoxville Sunset
Me at the Catch the Leprechaun 5K

3 Simply Precious Animal Pictures

2 Workouts to do between now and Sunday

  • 40-60 minutes of steady cardio – This will happen tomorrow during my walk. I will be taking it easy to help my left calf/foot. I have a doctor’s appointment Thursday to get this problem checked out.
  • Total Body Circuit Training – This will happen either today or Sunday. I love that my training schedule is flexible.

1 Motivation

Happy Friday! Make it Awesome!

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  1. thanks for the link love, friend!! You look so lovely in that photo from the 5K 🙂 love that smile!