Hi, I’m Glenneth! I’m an SEO, AdWords, and online marketing expert. I know that SEO is confusing for just about everybody, so my goal is to make SEO simple for you. I’ll help you understand the basics of increasing your search engine traffic without taking up too much of your time or sanity.

A few of the services I offer are:

  • Done for You Google Analytics
  • SEO 1:1 Consulting
  • Onsite SEO Optimization
  • Blog post optimization
  • Keyword Resarch
  • AdWords Account Creation & Management
  • AdWords 1:1 Consulting

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AdWords for Bloggers

AdWords for Bloggers

As a Google AdWords expert who has been Google certified for over 6 years, I often get asked about AdWords for bloggers. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will know what AdWords is and when it is a good fit for your blog or business. What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click online

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting A Website

Ultimate Guide to Starting a Website

One of the most common questions I see is – “I want to start a blog/website but I don’t know how”. I also talk to many people right after they launch their blog/website and they are already frustrated with the process and the lack of flexibility and options for them to make it their own.

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Happy 2018! Let’s Catch Up!

Hello and Happy 2018! Its been quite a while since I have posted, so I thought my first post of 2018 should be a catch-up post. Let me share why I have been so busy. A little history first. On May 19, 2011, I posted a blog called Loving My New Job (truth be told

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Is Your Social Media Traffic High Quality?

is your social media traffic high quality

The other day I asked “Is your social media traffic high quality? Do you know? Do you know how to find out?” in my private Facebook group (click the link to join). Many of us spend hours on and in social media thinking it is helping our blog/website. However, do you REALLY know if it

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Ultimate SEO Tip List for Bloggers: Part Three

Ultimate SEO Guide Part Three - Pinterest

Hi friends! I am back today with PART THREE (the final part) of The ULTIMATE SEO Tip List for Bloggers. Here is PART ONE and PART TWO in case you missed them! Let’s get right into the most asked questions I get surrounding SEO for blogging! Where do I put the keywords on my blog

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