Hi, I’m Glenneth! I’m an SEO, Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), and online marketing expert. I know that SEO is confusing for just about everybody, so my goal is to make SEO simple for you. I’ll help you understand the basics of increasing your search engine traffic without taking up too much of your time or sanity.

A few of the services I offer are:

  • Done for You Google Analytics
  • SEO 1:1 Consulting
  • Onsite SEO Optimization
  • Blog post optimization
  • Keyword Resarch
  • Google Ads Account Creation & Management
  • Google Ads 1:1 Consulting

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Why Bloggers Should Focus On SEO

why bloggers should focus on seo

As a blogger do you concentrate solely on social media and skip SEO? SEO (or search engine optimization) is something bloggers often hear about, but maybe don’t pay a lot of attention to. Today I will share with you 5 reasons why bloggers should focus on SEO. Many bloggers may react to talk of “optimizing

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Squoosh Images To A Smaller Size

squoosh images to a smaller size

My longtime followers know that I preach image optimization.  In fact, I have a post 6 tips for SEO image optimization that I continually update.  Today I want to talk about how you can squoosh images to a smaller size with a new tool called Squoosh by Google.  This new web tool lets you compress and reformat

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How To Create Your Own Linktree For Instagram

How To Create Your Own Linktree For Instagram

One of the drawbacks of Instagram is users only have one spot to put clickable links – in their profile. You can put a “swipe up” in your stories – but only if you have over 10,000 followers. You can put the link within feed posts, but users cannot click on it. Ultimately that link

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How To Restore A WordPress Site

What Every WordPress Blogger Should Know

Short story – woke up today and my fitness website was down. Click for the technical info to know about your WordPress site. Read below for the longer story so you will be prepared in case this happens to you! It is every blogger’s (and business owner’s) nightmare. To wake up and have messages that

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6 Tips for SEO Image Optimization

6 Tips For SEO Image Optimization

In the blogging and business world, you own two things – your website and your email list.  Your website is an extension of you and your business. It needs to be a place where your readers and customers can easily find the information they are looking for. And they won’t be able to find anything

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