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1st Half October Highlights

October is rolling right along and time for me to share some highlights with you! First up! My friend A’s birthday was the beginning of the month. We headed to a local bowling alley for some fun, and then to dinner! A beautiful sunset one evening (and no, I was not driving). Working on cleanig

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September Highlights – Part Two

I know I say this all the time, but September truly flew by. Seems like it was just Labor Day and now it is the last day of September. In case you missed the first part of September, you can check out my highlights HERE. I am not doing many Feast/Fast days on my current

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September Highlights – Part One

Hello and Happy Sunday! Its time to share some with you this month! Don’t forget to check out my Labor Day Fun where you can see more photos from this month. Don’t forget to follow me on SNAPCHAT and INSTAGRAM. Good morning! Love this pink dress. While I am ready for Fall (have some cute

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Labor Day 2016 Weekend Fun

Hello! Hope you are having a great short week. Thought I would share some of my Labor Day weekend fun with you. Thursday So, you are probably asking why I started with Thursday. Well, Thursday here in Knoxville was almost like a holiday – it was the first UT Football game of the season. UTK

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The Munchkin Turns Seven

This post has been in my drafts so it is a little dated. My favorite munchkin turned 7 this past weekend (edited to add: end of July)! In case you are new to my blog, she is the daughter of friends of ours. I am so blessed to be her Auntie G and to get

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