June 2017 Recap in Photos

Instead of trying to sort these photos, which I need to do better at, let’s just talk about them!  Love this photo because of the necklace in it.  I bought it at Charming Charlie’s and kind of forgot about it.  Looked perfect with this denim dress!

I can’t remember the last time I had a manicure, but my hubby’s niece got married during June and I decided, why not.  Loved this color.  It actually stayed on almost two weeks – and was just a regular manicure – no gel, etc.

This was the dress that went with the nails above. A simple, lightweight floral dress.  The wedding was OUTSIDE at 5PM in the heat of summer.  I will be honest and say I put my hair up in a ponytail 5 minutes after being seated.  Sweat was just dripping from me.

Always LOVE clouds!

Why this photo?  Nude lipgloss – a first for me.  I have always done colors – mainly pinks and berries and this was my first attempt at a nude lip.

Snapchat filters are the best.  Seriously would love this headband in real life.

Pool time!

More clouds!

A and I having fun with Snapchat!

Pool time with ….

A!  We had the pool almost all to ourselves for two glorious hours!

Girl’s night at a new (to me) German restaurant.  (The guys were shy!)

I decided to subscribe to Ipsy again and this was my first bag!

I have used almost everything in it this time, including the cute bag.  The lotion is incredible and I may have to buy a full size when I run out.

What an amazing sunset!

And how it looked just a few minutes later.  Almost like a painting.

Aunties and the munchkin!

Of course there was a lot of hammock time this month.  Mainly in the evenings!

Legs!  Have had to switch from capris to shorts for my workout because HOT!

Keeping to my workout schedule alternating arms and legs.  Throwing cardio in on the weekends when I have more time.  Keeping about the same for July then making some switches come August.  Including trying out a new gym.

I tripped one week and wound up pulling a muscle in my leg/hip.  Epsom bubble bath to the rescue (although I am not completely healed yet).

Lots of work from the front porch (which is where I am typing this post)!

I know, I know.  But check out that headband.  Someone seriously needs to sell all Snapchat filters as real life headbands.  Speaking of headbands, I have a super cool one on order.  Can’t wait to show it to you.

A and I loved this photo of the two of us!

Saw Wonder Woman with my friend G.  It was AMAZING!  Truly worth it!

Bought another new gadget.  Actually three, but let me explain.  So, I have an Ipad Mini, but it is only a 16Gb and of course you can’t add more space to Ipads.  So, I bought a Kindle Fire – the newest one before prelaunch.  It had 16GB but was expandable another 128GB with a micro SD card.  Great.  Yeah.  Except the tablet was so slow I wanted to throw it across the room.  So back it went.  I wound up with a Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Also expandable and came with 32GB.  My Ipad Mini was LTE unlimited through Verizon, but I actually plan to sell it.  So I turned off cellular on it and transfered the line to a MiFi portable hotspot with unlimited.  So now ALL my gadgets can be unlimited data whenever (and wherever I need them to be!).

Last day of the month and I started wearing red, white, and blue til after the 4th!

How cute are these Converse?

Me and my munchkin!

Almost fitting to see a rainbow on the final day of the month!

And finally, ended the month in the hammock!

June was filled with fun – looking forward to an exciting July!  Can’t wait to share!


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